There's more than oppai in life


We are a small doujin circle, fan of japanese culture.

Since 2016, we mostly adapt in French, anime, shorts, covers, usually from the Touhou project universe or from the free art movement (free as in free speech).

As you can imagine, most of our content is in the French section of our site, but we'll slowly translate the relevant pages in English.

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Special thanks

A huge thank you to all those who have helped us, from near or far, and without whom Touhoppai would not be what it is today

Phae, for being part of Wandering darkness chorus

Dareka, for having allowed to reach creators in Japanese and to obtain the authorizations for our work

Emma chara, for having dubbed her questions on our 300 FAQ

Guilty chorus, for its talent pool

Bad touch chorus, for being another talent pool

Fandub fr, for their advices and their inspiring French dubbing

Mitch Martinez, for his free to use visual effects

freesound, for their additional SFX

Aegisub effect, for their karaoke effects

Mimi for creating the initial baneer

Esiane for creating the newest illustration used as baneer

All authors and communities behind the software used in our productions, notably Ardour, Blender, Gimp, Aegisub, ...

and obviously:

Manpuku Jinja, for their wonderful animation

Joyfull, for his great animated fan stories

Projet Morevna, for their involvement in free art creation

ZUN, for having created Touhou

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